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On Thursday morning, September 29, we will be singing in the Morning Main Stage Showcase at the National Quartet Convention in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee.  The concert will take place following the morning chapel service which will be led by The Hoppers in the LeConte Center.  We will be singing at 10:30 am (ET).  If you are going to be at the NQC, we hope you will join us for this special concert.

On Sunday, October 2, we will be in Nortonville Baptist Church for a morning homecoming service.  We will be singing beginning at 9:45 am (CT).  The church is located at 83 South Hopkinsville Street in Nortonville, Kentucky.

On Sunday, October 9, we will head to the Bowling Green, Kentucky area for another homecoming service at the Plum Springs Baptist Church with Pastor Bobby Reno.  The service will start at 9:30 am (CT).  The church is located at 2080 Plum Springs Road.

On Sunday morning, October 16, we will be in Evansville, Indiana for an anniversary service with our friends at the Howell General Baptist Church and Pastor Terry Gamblin.  The service will start at 10:45 am (CT).  The church is located at 1520 Delmar Avenue on the west side of Evansville.

On Sunday morning, October 23, we will be in Boonville, Indiana with Pastor Ray Yonts and the congregation at Faith General Baptist Church for a morning homecoming service at 10:00 am (CT).  The church is located at 418 East Poplar Street.

On Sunday night, October 30, we will be in Lewisburg, Kentucky for a concert at the Mt. Pleasant Baptist Church.  This will be a Sunday evening concert, so if your church is not having services and you live in that area, we whop you will join us at 6:00 pm (CT) for the concert.  The church is located at 954 Stacker Street.


We are still booking available dates for 2016 and also dates for 2017, so if you are interested in having The Childress Family at your concert, homecoming or special event, please contact us now in order to secure your selected date.  We have many dates that have been filled in already but would love to fill in a date for you, as well.

 We would be happy to add you to our email directory. This will allow you to receive announcements about our concert dates and other special news. Please contact us from the contact page information or email us direct at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

We hope to see you at a gospel singing soon, but until then we are...

In His Service,
The Childress Family



John 4:29 Come see a man who has told me everything that I ever did.

The Samaritan woman at the well had come to draw from Jacob’s well, which had been placed strategically in the center of town for the convenience of all. Everyone had to go come to this place to draw for this life-giving liquid in order to cook, bathe and drink. All the other women had come early for their daily supply, but the Samaritan woman came around noon, in the heat of the day, so she could by-pass all of the whispers and ridicule. However, today a man sat on the well and began to speak to her, telling her the story of her life. Oops! A Jewish man was talking to a Samaritan, and a woman at that! Of all the nerve! It was good that the religious crowd was not there or they would have stoned both of them. Kind of sounds like some of us today in the “religious” crowd. We are always trying to figure out who is good enough for Him to waste His time on. Well, none of us are good enough. His word says, “All have sinned and come short.” This was so real to the Samaritan woman, so she ran into town with the whole well (JESUS) proclaiming, “Come see a man who has told me all I ever did.”

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Booking For 2016

The Childress Family is available for your church or concert event for 2016. Our calendar is beginning to fill.  We would look forward to coming to your homecoming or concert event.   

Please contact us now in order to secure your selected date.

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